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Keith Yoga Dublin

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes run weekdays on Tuesdays from 17.30 to 20.15 at Anglesea Street in Temple Bar
and Sunday mornings from 09.30 to 10.30 at the Mandala Yoga Haddington Road. Tailor made private and corporate tuition is also available upon request.

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About Keith

My practice has evolved, moving from years of rigid sequences into more creative practices.

Currently my focus is to create a balanced practice incorporating breath, bandhas and mudras into the asana flow.


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Keith Yoga Dublin

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Got a question about our classes? Get in touch by emailing hello[at] or call 087 9534043. The classes are suitable for all levels and are held at Anglesea Street Temple Bar (Tuesdays) & the Mandala Yoga Haddington Road (Sundays).

Keith Treacy offers classes which cater for a variety of different levels offering a fresh look at how yoga can be taught. The classes involve an approach to sequencing which blends asana, pranayama, mudra, bandhna and dhyana to create a balanced practice.

Keith has been teaching yoga since 2005, he continually updates his training with some inspirational teachers to keep his practice and teaching evolving. Most recently Keith has initiated training with Rod Stryker of the Para Yoga lineage.

My introduction to Yoga came in 1997 after I had a back injury related to weight training. I lifted weights for many years with the sole objective of building strength. Yoga was recommended to me to help me to create a balance between strength and mobility in my body. Based on this advice, I devised a self-practice at home learning from books which I found in second hand stores and so the journey began…


Keith Treacy

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